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    Holy Moly Guys!

    Our wedding is less than a week away!

    I guess I should start rolling all this spare change so we can cash it in!
    I can’t imagine the people at the wedding chapel appreciating us showing up with our mason jars full of change… then again, I think that would be quite hilarious!

    I also want to thank you guys for all of your support! Your pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters are making all the difference for us.

    If you have any spare change you’d like to donate to our wedding fund, click the “donate” button on the right-hand side of our page. 

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    Our wedding invites…

    …have been sent out!

    Keep picking up those pennies! Stamps are expensive these days! :P

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    Grocery Store

    I wish I could tell you why, but for some reason I always find change at the grocery store!

    Today, while I was walking out, I noticed two dimes on the floor!
    Needless to say, I picked them up.

    And while I was at the post office, I found a dime by the counter!

    Today’s dimes inspired me to count up our collection dimes… So far, we have around $45 just in dimes! Amazing how the smallest of change goes unnoticed.

    Keep on collecting! And don’t forget that donate button on the right-hand side of our page. :)

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    You guys rock!

    We’ve received some wonderful donations over the last week.

    Because of these donations, we just might be able to afford a larger bus to carry more people during our drive-thru wedding!

    And don’t forget, that penny on the ground always counts towards something!

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    Here’s our collection so far!
(We’ve had to exchange our quarters for dollar bills since the laundromat only takes quarters. haha)

    Here’s our collection so far!

    (We’ve had to exchange our quarters for dollar bills since the laundromat only takes quarters. haha)

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    On Monday, I counted up our quarters, nickels and dimes… not our pennies, because well, those take forever. :)

    Our total on Monday was $192… and if you add in pennies, other spare change around our house, it was probably closer to $200.

    Then today I received a couple of emails from Paypal - notifying me that I had some donations! I was blown away. My wonderful aunt and a lady I don’t know both donated to our wedding fund. A special thank you goes out to both of them.

    Llew and I are so thankful for their donations as well as donations from our friends and family. We are so close to our goal with only 4 months to go!

    Thank you all for your continued support. <3

    PS: Check out some of our engagement photos below!

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    These photos are from my other blog. I had a hard time just picking a few from the amazing bunch of pictures.


    Our engagement photos are here!

    Here are just a few of our amazing engagement photos taken by TBG Photography in Las Vegas!

    We’ll be getting married on November 11th, 2011.

    Our goal is to pay for our wedding in spare change that we (and our friends) find on the ground. Please reblog/retweet/forward this page or Paid In Pennies to your friends so we can get the word out that we are looking for spare change! Thanks in advance! :)

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    4 Months To Go!

    Our wedding is getting closer and closer! Less than 4 months to go!

    A lot of planning has been going on - I should have our wedding invites ready by the end of the month!

    As for finding spare change, we’re always finding pennies and such. This weekend we returned 5 carts at the airport which racked in $1.25 - Plus, we found a nickel and a penny while going through airport security so our grand total for the weekend was $1.31!

    My mom has been very diligent to return every cart she sees at the airport. Her collection for us is mostly quarters! Plus, her coworkers have been donating their spare change for our wedding. They’re the most amazing people.

    I think I’ll do a current total update this weekend… that way I’ll know how hard I need to be scouring the ground for change! :)

    If you’ve been collecting spare change for us, THANK YOU!

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    I found…

    Three cents on the ground today!

    Every penny counts. :)

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    Update 12/02/10

    We’ve set a date!


    In other news, I received a very sweet email from one of our followers. They attached a screen-shot of their Facebook status:

    Thank you so much, Dante! It’s people like you that are making this dream possible. :)

    Also, last week my sister decided to surprise Llew and me with these adorable coin pouches where we can store our spare change.

    I’m thinking about ordering more for those of you who’d like to have one to collect some change for us! If you’d like one, let me know! planensimpleswa @ gmail.com

    Thank you for all of your support!

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    Wedding Sub-Total Update!

    Unlike what most 20-somethings are doing on a Friday night, Llew and I were at home. I decided I was going to separate all of our change into 4 jars - one for quarters, one for dimes, one for nickles and one for pennies.

    Then Llew suggested we count up all of our spare change and see where we’re at… so we did!

    Our totals came to the following:

    Dollars - $7 (Llew admitted to throwing in $6 from his pocket. His reason, “So what if I want to marry you sooner than later?!”)
    Quarters - $43.75
    Dimes - $13.50
    Nickles - $3.85
    Pennies - $11.00
    Paypal donation(s) - $23.97
    Sub-Total: $103.07

    We’re off to an AWESOME start - considering we only started around 6 months ago!

    If you want to start collecting change for our wedding fund, just find an empty jar and drop whatever change you find in there. Or you can just click the Paypal donate button on the right hand side of this page!

    Thanks guys! At this rate we should be getting married early next year!

    (The note says: Drive-Thru Wedding Fund, L <3 A)

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    So sorry for the lack of updates lately… we’ve just been finding so much spare change on the ground we haven’t been able to keep up! Alright, just joking about finding so much spare change…

    But we have been finding a decent amount recently! We have one mason jar filled and have another one 1/3rd filled already!

    On our adventures today we found $0.05 between two parking lots and a hiking trail.

    And last night, my former professor (and current friend) donated $25 to our fund through Paypal! So sweet of her.

    One of these days I’m going to have to sit down and see where we’re at with all of this change… Maybe I’ll take a picture of all the change we have and see which of our followers can guess the closest amount!

    If you’d like to donate any spare change you find on the ground, click the donate button on the right hand side of this page!

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    Top three places to find money

    So you may be wondering - where on earth do we find so much change?

    It’s not like pennies fall from the sky or anything!

    Well, after spending the past few months constantly scoping the ground beneath me, I’ll tell ya my top three spots.

    Generally the most popular place to find spare change is in parking lots. I almost always find at least one penny in the parking lot when I go to the store.

    Another popular place is at the check-out line. People fumble through their pockets to get the right amount of change to pay for their stuff and *oops* a penny fell - and they’re just too preoccupied to pick them up.

    And last but not least is at the airport. Next time you go through the security check point, check out the ground before and after you load your bags. People have to empty their pockets when they go through the metal detector and often drop some change, however they are too concerned with getting through security that they just leave it there.

    So there ya have it. My top three spots!

    Keep your eyes peeled for us! :)

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    Last week we brought in $1.57!
Much thanks to Ashley&#8217;s mom and sister for their contributions!

    Last week we brought in $1.57!

    Much thanks to Ashley’s mom and sister for their contributions!

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    $0.44 this week

    $0.44 this week

Hi! Our names are Llew and Ashley. We met on February 14th, 2009 at a little place you may know called the internet. For the first year, our relationship was long-distance (Phoenix & Las Vegas). However, a few months after Llew asked Ashley to marry him, she moved in.

Ashley is an avid collector of spare change she finds on the ground. One weekend, Llew and her came up with the idea of using all of the spare change they find to fund their drive-thru wedding. They've set our wedding date! 11/11/11

If you find some money on the ground and would like to donate it to Llew and Ashley's "drive-thru wedding - paid in pennies" fund, click the donate button below. :)

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